The Refuge Perucca-Vuillermoz ,situated in the wild Cignana's valley,have been builded at the beginning of 1990 ,and named to Piergiorgio e Corrado,who folled down the Liskamm 17th september 1985 with other four friends.

The refuge have 25-30 beds in one big room .It's nice to coming up to looking at the exclusive place with lakes and mountains or going to climbing them.

We are open only in summer ,if you want to know more,visit all the site asking us all the information you want or coming to meet us at the refuge...

...we are Ornella ,Flavio and our little child Susanna.We take care, all toghether ,of the refuge since 2002. We used for our homely cooking as if it's possible fresh products that was taken up with elicopter and sometimes carry on one's shoulder.

In 2008 we recived the "Quality Card". This is an evidence that acknowledge our care in management of the refuge.It is for the service ,the hospitality and especially for the environment respect using clean and renewable energy and, not easy care,in the rubbish differentiation. (we are far from the way).

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